A tyre that perfectly suits most small and medium sized vehicles

• Designed to last and provide value for money
• Best traction and impact resistance – even with poor road conditions
• The NC1000 is a reliable companion for both short and long-distance service
  and in all weather conditions
• Strong shoulders and massive center tread blocks ensure excellent ground
  contact and optimal handling with heavy loads
• Provides effective water dispersion and excellent aquaplaning resistance
• Steel belt construction and polyester casing provides outstanding
  durability and even wear

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  • Season:Summer
  • Vehicle type:PCR
Dimensions Index db
185 R 14C 102/100Q E C || 70
195/70 R 15C 104/102R E C || 70
225/70 R 15C 112/110R E C || 70
225/65 R 16C 112/110R E C || 70
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